phpMyAccess 1.x is a collection of tools and programs to build web database programs with.
It is based on phpMyEdit 2.3, and at this point in time you can probably replace phpMyEdit 2.3's core engine for this engine and expect to get some kind of output back with a minimum of changes.
Internally it has been much changed to be able to better support the new features.

phpMyAccess alpha 2.0 is a tool to allow design, editing, and runing of queries, right in the web browser. Continued development is in progress. For more on development in progress see the developers page.

Currently phpMyAccess 1.x includes at least the following extras:

  • NEW in phpMyAccess 1.5.2: Edit cell by clicking, modifying, clicking off.
    Uses AJAX so no page reload is needed.
  • NEW in phpMyAccess 1.5.0: now works with php 5
  • Simple user/authentication managment using basic auth
  • Simple menu system, including menu managment tools
  • Extra field types (date, password, auto, linked etc)
  • Print view, .xls file download of table view (excel only, so far)
  • Query engine with simple rtf/xls format output
  • start of a query design engine, rougly in the style of one well-known program
  • Lots more usefull little tricks and enhancement such as pre-select, pre-run etc.
  • Bugs. Lots of them probably. Tell me about them, send me patches, or not..

Version 1.5.2 and later (now available) have the ability to edit most tables shown by simply clicking on the cell to edit, making a change, and clicking off to post. This is now possible using AJAX techniques only dreamed of when 1.0.10 came out in 2002.

Why is this called PHPMyAccess ?

Well, the idea is to make something that is as easy to use as MS Access for doing the basic editing of a table. Actually, it should be _easier_ to use, and support the usual things people drool over.

What is the difference between phpMyAccess 1.5.x and phpMyAccess alpha 2.0.x

phpMyAccess 1.x came first. It is based on some code from and older version of phpMyEdit, but with added complexity. After version 1.5.x it was made PHP 5 Ready, and then the Edit in line libraries were added from what became phpMyAccess alpha

phpMyAccess alpha 2.x came from the idea of making something that LOOKS a lot like MS Access, and runs right in the browser.

phpMyAccess alpha is a complete from scratch rewrite, more keeping with what the name sounds like it is -- a MS Access like GUI for mySQL databases, written in php. There is minimal code from phpMyAccess 1.5.x that I am integrating to allow for basic authentication. This is not ment to be the "be all end all" authentication, and you can add whatever other auth mechanisim in that suits you. I personally use LDAP auth, and that option may make it into future relases. -- No point in reinventing that wheel.

Eventually the alpha (2.x) GUI may be added to phpMyAccess 1.x to create a 3.x, but for now only the Edit in line libraries have been added to the 1.5.x versions.

phpMyAccess alpha (2.x) is usable to replicate some of the functionality of MS Access like query building, running, data modification, DIRECTLY in the browser.

Below are explanations of what each are more fully is available from Sourceforge here.

phpMyAccess alpha 2.0 is in alpha stages. 1.x versions are stable, and have been restructured a few times, and I'm not done even now. It deserves a nice release, so you all can enjoy it! There's even a little demo app included. As of release 1.0.10 the demo is tested and working too.
If you have something nice to show off that you did using this application, let me know, I'm always willing to steal good tricks :-)

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